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Show your body some love: a ‘softer’ take on my original green juice.

Hello on this magical Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is having a wonderful festive season with your family and loved ones.

How are those digestive systems and livers faring I wonder? I will hazard a guess and say there’s a whole lot of “oh ok, I’ll have another one, it’s Christmas after all” or “yeah go on, it’s just one day of the year that I let loose” – don’t worry, I know how it goes! And in fact, I am about to have my second alcoholic drink for the month of December (in the form of a glass of champagne) because it’s Christmas Eve and there’s not much better an excuse as far as I’m concerned. Bring the bubbles on.

I am no purist. I don’t try and be 100% of anything – what I try and do is listen to my body and feed it, intuitively. The same goes with alcoholic drinks. For the whole month of December my body has rejected the idea of a glass of wine (honestly, if you knew me just three years ago you would struggle to imagine the possibility of that). I had a glass of wine early December (against my body’s wishes and most importantly my intuition) and spent the next two days nauseas and peaky. That was followed with a minor 7 day relapse. I mean, honestly. That week I seriously wondered if I was in fact a sandwich short of a picnic.

Back to purity though. I try and sit around the 90/10% rule. 90% of the time I’m really good, 10% of the time I’ll waiver (baring in mind that I have little choice around that 90%, I have a compromised immune system that needs a LOT of TLC). During those times I waiver I very consciously try and add in extra goodness into my diet. A glass of alcohol depletes us of much needed nutrients, a sugary fix compromises our immune system. So my answer to that? Show your body some love. And one of the best ways to do that is through a green juice with immediately available nutrients readily absorbing into the bloody stream.

A ‘softer’ take on my green juice.

Show your body some love.

Show your body some love.

This made exactly what you see in this photo. 1.5 serves (Mum still warming to the green juice idea). I say this is a ‘softer’ take because there is no dark green, leafy veg such as kale, silver beet or spinach. These are soooo very good for you but if you’re warming up to the whole green juice idea add them in slowly.

2 celery stalks
1 clove garlic
1 big knob ginger
1/2 lebanese cucumber
4 lettuce leaves
1/2 lemon
A big handful of mint

Throw all of the above in the juicer and hey presto. An instant energy boost for a sluggish, compromised system.

The love of my…afternoon.

To all those green juice addicts out there you’ll understand my sentiments here. I am a green juice addict. But with all habit forming activities this one took a while to set in. I remember (not so long ago) coming home from work and pouring myself a a big fat gin and tonic (with 3 large ice cubes and a hefty slice of lemon). I’d sit down and watch the SBS or ABC news every night with my ‘relaxant’. Far out I loved that little routine.

I thought about that tonight when I came inside from the routine afternoon dog walk. How things have changed. These days there is something about the greenness of these green juices, the thought of the goodness running through my veins that keeps me coming back for more (I promise if this addiction happened to me, it could happen to anyone!). This evening I marched straight to the fridge, pulled out bundles of chilled greens and commenced my 5.30pm (ish) green juicing routine.

So you can throw anything green in a green juice, you can also throw lemon in green juice (which I recommend if you are new to green juices, it softens the flavour). It just needs to be raw (obviously), pesticide free, ideally organic and fresh (it’s all well and good to juice your veg because they’re going soft in the chiller but let’s be honest, soft veg is lacking in the nutrients department). Green juices are seriously one of the best things you can do for your health.

My typical Green Juice Combo

1/2 bunch english spinach
1 or 2 stalks silver beet and kale
1 stalk celery
Handful of parsley & mint (if you’ve got it)
1 lemon
1/2 cucumber
1 knob of ginger (to taste)
1 small piece of turmeric
1 clove garlic

Throw it all in the juicer and press play. Voila!