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The Holistic Ingredient is an evolving blog and business born out of chronic illness and a consequent journey to recovery that has been nothing short of life changing. Forced to re-evaluate my life my desire now is to live a more authentic, simple and grounded life and to share my story in the hope that I can inspire and motivate others to great health and happiness.

The name The Holistic Ingredient reflects those ‘ingredients’ that were fundamental to my path to wellness: nutrition, energy healing, the elimination of toxicity and stress, spirituality, relationships, exercise, rest, Far Infra Red saunas, nature and last but not least my adorable 4 legged companion and best friend, Wilson. My intention is to share my thoughts and experiences around these key ‘ingredients’.

I am a certified  CTC, NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner (for more on this read here). I am also a Reiki 2 practitioner committed to the practise and on the journey to becoming a Master. I am a qualified Health Coach, through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Sociology and a Graduate Diploma in Communication Management.

I look forward to combining my story, experiences and learnings to work with and help guide others to wellness.

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