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Why you should Give a Fork! this October.


I wanted to share what I believe is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to the future of our environment – by joining Sustainable Table in showing that you Give a Fork! about what’s on your plate.

A new and innovative Australian not-for-profit organisation Sustainable Table, empowers the community to use their shopping dollar to vote for a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment. And, with a dream to unite people who are passionate about sharing the messages of a sustainable food system, the Give a Fork! dinner party campaign was born.

Give a Fork! provides the perfect way to discuss the serious issues of sustainability with your family and friends in a relaxed and non-confronting way, because lets face it, you might be a little bit tired of the eye rolls you get for being that person at the dinner party who inquires if the chicken is free range or politely declines the factory farmed pork chop (not that we do that, but we may well ‘think’ that!).

This year, the focus is on seafood.

As Australians, we love spending hot summer days on the beach and there is definitely nothing like a seafood cook up with your friends. The raw truth however, is that decades of global mismanagement, overfishing and pollution have reduced many species’ populations to the brink of extinction.

Sea life is one of the least understood areas of our food system, despite the ocean sustaining all life on our planet, delivering half of our oxygen and providing an estimated $20 trillion worth of natural resources and services a year. Sustainability into our future? We need to talk about it.


Why you should Give a Fork!

Check out this great informative little video to further understand why you should Give a Fork!

Here’s how it works…

Cast the Line
Gather a group of friends together during 7-14th of October and host a sustainable seafood dinner party. Hosts will receive a free host pack containing all the resources needed to cook a delicious and sustainable seafood dinner. Inside this pack you will find; a Sustainable Seafood e-Cookbook (find a sneak peak here), A Fishy Business DVD (a 6 minute clip that you might like to screen on the night), 5 Steps to Sustainability place mats (so you look like the perfect host!), and a Switch your Fish Guide (plus lots more…!)


Get Hooked
The idea is that you and your friends ‘get hooked’, an occasion that highlights issues on sustainability so you are equipped to make ethical and conscious decisions when it comes to purchasing and consuming seafood.

Vegetarian? Not to worry! You most certainly can participate! The e-Cookbook features a delicious selection of vegetarian recipes, just let your host know. As Barton Seaver once said, “Want to save more fish? Eat more broccoli!”

Reel Them In
Now, ask your friends to donate what they would have spent on a night out. The money raised will help Sustainable Table continue this important work of building a fair and sustainable food system locally and abroad (read more about the work of Sustainable table here)


Great Prizes to be Won For Top Fundraising Hosts!
Wow, it get’s better! An amazing array of prizes are up for grabs for the top fundraising dinner parties:

1st Prize
A bounty of treasure to share: Mount Zero Biodynamic Olive Oil, Demeter Biodynamic brown rice, Robinvale Demeter wine and sparkling ginger ale, Murray River Sea Salt, Fowles Wine and a massive selection of Nature’s Cuppa organic teas. valued at well over $600. Enough for another party!

2nd Prize
Neoflam Cookware ‘family plus’ set of three – saucepan, casserole and saute pan. Valued at $500.

3rd Prize
KitchenAid Artisan Deluxe Hand Blender. Valued at $250.

4th Prize
endota spa 90 minute spa voucher. Valued at $185.

Sign me up!
Simply use the link HERE to to register to become a Give a Fork! dinner party host.

Once you have signed up your free e-Cookbook will be sent out. And if you would like to read further around this issue, in preparation for your event, check out the Fishy Business page here!

I cannot wait to host my own Give a Fork! dinner… Let the party planning begin!

grilled shrimps with seafood sauce on white plate

a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment. With up to 60% of our personal eco-footprint embodied in the food that we buy, there is no better place to start. – See more at:


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  1. Great article, thank you for sharing. I’m off to SHARE SHARE SHARE now. 🙂

    October 1, 2013
  2. Rachael Allanah #

    This is brilliant! I’m so glad you shared this, what a really great initiative. I can’t unfortunately host a dinner up here but I can spread the word!

    October 1, 2013

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