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Making your very own almond milk – the why and the how.

Silky smooth home made almond milk.

Silky smooth home made almond milk.

If you are yet to make almond milk and you’re umming and ahhing as to whether you can a. be bothered or b. manage the task, please stop deliberating and give it a go. Making almond milk is ridiculously easy I promise. All you need is some almonds (no sh*t Sherlock), filtered water, sweeteners/salt/spices (if you so wish), a high powered blender and a nut milk bag (or an old stocking/clean chux/muslin cloth). Easy as. But more on that a little further down.

Some of you may be wondering why you would make your own almond milk in the first place, and that’s a good question that I shall now answer.

1. It is good for you! Almonds are full of the healthy stuff. Amongst many other benefits they are said to: lower bad cholesterol, reduce heart attack risk, build strong bones and teeth, provide healthy fats, lower the rise in bloody sugar and insulin after meals. The list goes on (and that’s reason enough for me).

2. It is dairy free therefore providing a fantastic alternative to those of you with dairy intolerances, leading a vegan lifestyle  or simply looking to reduce your dairy intake.

3. It is free of refined sugars, additives and preservatives that you will often find on the back of a store bought pack.

4. It is considerably cheaper than buying it off the shelf!

5. It is hugely versatile. Use almond milk in place of dairy milk in smoothies, baking, chai tea, coffee, desserts. It has minimal flavour (unless you add it) so complements other flavours well.

But then, why wouldn’t you make almond milk? Well you wouldn’t if you had a nut allergy and of course you would be careful giving it to young children for that very reason. I can’t think of any other reason actually.

Almond milk recipe
I like my almond milk really white so tend to use blanched almonds but by all means use raw almonds with their skin on.

3 cups filtered water
1 cup blanched or raw almonds (soaked overnight in filtered water and a pinch of salt)
Sweetener, to taste (I use a couple of teaspoons of maple or rice malt syrup, you could also use a medjool date, raw honey or stevia)
Optional additions: cinnamon, salt, cardamon

Blend all of the ingredients in a high-powered blender until silky smooth, a good minute or two. Using a sieve or a nut milk bag, drain the milk into a jug. The left over pulp can be blended again with another 2 cups of water, dehydrated to use as almond meal or as an exfoliating body scrub! Store your milk in the fridge in an airtight bottle and use within 5-6 days.

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  1. chloe #

    I made this the other day, and was surprised at how simple it really was! Only thing was that it went sour after two days. Next time I’ll try the airtight container perhaps….

    May 3, 2013
    • Two days?! Gosh, that’s not good is it. Yep, you need to pour it into a steralised milk bottle ideally. It should be ok for 5. I have frozen mine in the past, when I have known that I wont get through it.
      Better luck next time!

      May 3, 2013
  2. Aususacan #

    I’m going to do this!! Where would one find a nut milk bag?

    May 3, 2013
    • Until yesterday I have been using muslin cloth or once or twice, a new chux. You can also use old panty hose! I found my nut milk bag at a Health Food store. I’m sure they would be quite readily available. Good luck!

      May 3, 2013
  3. Ana #

    I have been making almond milk at home for a while now and love it! I usually add 1 medjool date, tsp of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt when blending. Much cheaper than the store bought almond milk and I use organic almonds.

    May 3, 2013
  4. green_me_up #

    Thank you. I will try!

    May 14, 2013
  5. Amelia #

    I have been making raw almond milk for a while now and have been using the meal as a body scrub. Really effective and no waste!

    June 13, 2013
  6. Really? I can store it up to 6 days? I usually consume it 3-4 days to drink it and still feel its freshness. 😀

    Do you know that you can do something with the almond pulps? You can make a healthy gluten-free almond meal by dehydrating the almond left over? Try it it’s yummy.

    December 27, 2013
    • Thanks for the tip re almond meal pulp Raven. I am told it works beautifully in cookies.. delivering a wonderfully chewy and moist baked result. Must try soon! ~ Sarah.

      January 1, 2014

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