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You are the power. Got it?

There’s been a theme brewing in my conversations over the last 24 hours and I’d say there’s a message in that. Of the three lengthy conversations I have had with girlfriends over the last 24 hours each one of them talked to me about the stress and bad luck in their lives, in one way or another. One readily admitted that she had a “financial block” – that money would never come easily to her, it never had and it possibly never would. My response to that was that she was right, money would never come easily to her because that was what she believed. The second girlfriend is having endless legal battles in a work related situation that has been going on for years. Slowly but surely it is whittling away her positivity and with each week things seem to be getting worse. I had to ask her what it was that she was projecting to the world that was inviting all of this in and it didn’t suprise me that she admitted to being filled with negativity and was forever imagining the very worst outcome. My response to that? “It’s not going to get any better – because that is what you believe.”

Only 6 months ago a (now prominent) person in my life said these words to me : “Amy, YOU are the power in YOUR world”. Six months ago those words barely resonated with me. I’m like “What?? Whateva!” I simply didn’t understand the sheer power of my mindset and how it was affecting my world – what I attracted and  what I didn’t – the relationships around me, my career, potential work opportunities, even my search for a new home. Now that’s not to say I have always been the pessimist. I knew for example that I would recover from CFS. From day 1, I just knew and as tough as many weeks and months were I never for one minute imagined I would suffer endlessly. I spent much of my time imagining myself in a new career full of energy and passion (quite what I would be doing was another question) and embracing life with a new vigour. I have also always believed that financially I would be ok and that money would never be a real issue in my life. Thankfully, as much as I’ve barely earned a cent during my recovery I am not homeless and money trickles in, somehow. However as many of those close to me would attest I have been an over analytical, compulsive worrier for much of my life. With most scenarios my mind is snowballing, imagining all the ‘what if’s’ instead of simply visualising positive outcomes. I am certain I have driven friends nuts worrying about the most ridiculous things imaginable.

That was until 6 or so months ago when slowly but surely my mindset started to shift. Slowly but surely I learned that fearing the worst and thinking negatively was a drainer on my already precious energy and that unless I embraced a more positive mindset things were never going to change for the positive. To give you an example, when I moved back to Melbourne after my recovery I was under immense pressure to find a home for my dog and I. I had 4 weeks before I was out on the streets. 3.5 weeks in I was having a shocker – everything I looked at was rubbish, totally overpriced and mis-advertised. And you can just imagine my mindset – it was snowballing at a rate of knots. I saw Wilson and I jumping back on the boat and heading back to my parents in Tasmania. If not that I saw us sleeping in friend’s living rooms, getting in their way and being a general nuisance for all. Not once did I visualize us happily ensconced in a new home!  Until I picked up the phone out of desperation and rang my Reiki Master (come on down once again) Joanne. Jo’s words? “Amy, YOU are the power. What you put out to the universe you will get back in return” (or words to that effect). She asked me if I had told the universe what it was that I wanted – of course I hadn’t! So that day I wrote a mantra thanking the universe for my beautiful 2 bedroom cottage with renovated bathroom and kitchen, lots of warm natural light, a great outdoor space for Wilson etc etc and just two days later I walked into that home and by that afternoon it was mine.

I now have oodles of examples like this of amazingly positive things happening in my life, day after day. The minute my mind turns to a negative I turn it around and thank the universe for providing me with what I need. When projects stop trickling in I don’t sit here and imagine myself penniless and miserable – I imagine myself turning work down because I don’t have the time. And guess what, the phone rings and I get a new project. Last week on route to the airport I was caught in traffic due to an accident. I had to be at the Jetstar counter at 12pm on the dot to check in or I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere. The Amy of 6 months ago would have imagined being turned away from the flight, having to fork out the money for another one and having to sit in the airport for hours, waiting. The Amy 6 months on however only ever imagined the total relief of getting there just in time. And guess what, I kid you not… I handed over my ID at 11.59am .

YOU are the power in YOUR world.

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  1. In the space of a day I can’t begin to tell you how empowered and positive I feel after speaking with you. Thank you dear friend. xx

    November 8, 2012
    • Oh I am so very happy to hear that gorgeous girl. I hope you marinated in a wonderful mantra last night! Chat soon x

      November 9, 2012

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